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I strongly believe that the design can play a fundamental role in shaping a more sustainable and fair world. For this reason my path has led me to work in areas such as healthcare, where the designer’s work can have a strong social impact on users’ lives and can be a trigger for the surrounding world.

  • More than 5 years of experience in all stages of design website and web and mobile applications. I carried out user research, ideas development, design, prototyping and usability tests both remotely and in presence.


  • More than 5 years of experience in managing usability and accessibility projects. Analysis of user needs, analysis of national and international regulations, analysis of calls for tenders, development of ideas and presentation of solutions.


  • More than 1 year of experience in leading a team of designers with the assignment of planning and distributing activities within the team, reviewing the deliveries and managing the projects and deadlines. 




  • Carry out a design process that focuses on people’s needs to ensure that designs are easy and pleasurable to use.
  • Create and enhance user interface designs based on principles of human cognition.
  • Design engaging user experiences for desktop, mobile and physical devices.
  • Evaluate the user experience of a design through user tests and expert evaluations.


  • Design a user test and set test goals to evaluate products and interfaces.
  • Build a user test plan using industry best practices.
  • Run a user test smoothly and effectively, avoiding common mistakes throughout.
  • Provide actionable insights to stakeholders through reports on the results of usability test observations.


  • Apply an iterative, user-focused design process to generate innovative ideas that solve complex, ill-defined problems.
  • Make use of practical design thinking methods such as interviews, co-creation sessions and rapid prototyping, in every stage of the design process.
  • Initiate a new working culture based on customer needs and wants, so all work is focused on creating holistic and sustainable customer value.
  • Employ user research techniques to ensure products and solutions are truly relevant to their target audience.


  • Design user interfaces that are logical and easy for people to understand.
  • Analyze how easy it is to use a design through usability evaluations and cognitive walk-throughs.
  • Plan and conduct user testing to gather feedback from real users and improve designs.
  • Carry out a design process that focuses on usability and human psychology to ensure that designs have a high level of usability.

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GPI Group Stand


GPI group

Trento | 2015 – now



Created wireframes and updated prototypes for weekly agile sprints

Conducted usability test sessions to determine user acceptance and identify behavior

Worked with the development team to improve the error handling system

Harpoon Entrance in Tralee


Harpoon Connect

Dublin | 2014-2015


Created UI standards for web applications
Worked with the development team to improve the error handling system

Designed user interfaces for web applications, Java applets, and plug-ins for desktop email clients

Websiteprojects sprl



Bruxelles | 2013-2014

Conducted competitive benchmarking and prepared detailed reports for the management


Collaborated with designers, clients, developers, and content managers to create wireframes, design, and content at the same time

Developed detailed navigation flows, site maps, wireframes, and interface design / functional specifications

Websiteprojects sprl


Università degli studi di Trento

Trento | 2009-2012

Prototyping: UI, multimodal communication, voice interfaces, motion design, communication design.

User research: Contextual investigation, empathy maps, participatory design, card sorting

Test: A / B testing, usability test, usability evaluation, heuristic evaluation.

Overall, Websiteprojects has Benefited of Nicola’s work and enthusiasm in a number of occasion. He consistently delivery on any given assignment, always maintaining a good attitude, sense of humor and flexibility. Nicola is definitely a good element, able top quick adapt to fit in, create relations and work hard when required. Seemed to reacting better to larger, more complex task with little to no supervision.

Pietro Spigai

CEO, Websiteprojects

During the period Nicola had covered the role of UI/UX designer, supervised by the CEO and the CTO of the company. In his time with us Nicola has conducted various activity such as user research activity, testing session with users, produced wireframe and mockup and HTML/CSS development. He put great passion into his work and the results he has achieved have been useful both for his own growth and the company’s one.

Derek Counihan

CEO, The Voucher link

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