UI / UX, Mobile APP, Healtcare




First publishing 2020


UX team, Dev team, Technical Management

Design of a medical appointment and vaccination booking app.

PrenMobile aims to revolutionize health appointment booking by offering users an easy and intuitive experience. The team I led developed an app that focuses on accessibility, efficiency, and user satisfaction.


We began guided by Pickler’s vision board strategy and jointly outlined the overall goals of PrenMobile, allowing us to clearly identify the users, their needs, the product that best met their needs, and the business goals of the companies involved (client and contractor)

We analyzed several use cases to understand the different needs of different types of users. This shaped our design, ensuring that PrenMobile could have an answer for all the various user needs.

Starting with use cases, we developed proto personas and scenarios. This allowed us to empathize with our users and led us to devise solutions that matched the expectations and needs of our users.


Together with the team, I carried out a comprehensive evaluation of the PrenMobile interface to identify problems and proceed with corrections. The analysis was based on heuristics on Abby Covert’s information architecture

Usability tests were organized on an early beta version of the product. Our observations and user feedback revealed three main usability problems
Identifying the correct point to allow the user to act as another person's delegate.
The delete action on the appointment details page can be difficult to locate.
The concepts of profile and delegation can be confusing.

TEST resoult and corrections

Single User page: To clarify on whose behalf you are acting, I developed a specific page to identify the active user. From it, delegations to other patients can be activated.
Action bar for appointments: I developed a toolbar for booked appointments. This makes cancellation options more visible

I modified the interface so that the profile of the logged-in user is always visible. This made the difference between profile and proxies clearer.