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Firs publishing on March 2019


UX / UI team, Dev Team, Marketing tema
Design and development of a design system for enterprise digital products.

Analysis & Production

The design team I was leading was tasked with designing and defining the first version of the enterprise Design System. The lack of such a tool led not only to fragmentation of the corporate proposal, but also to increased development and design time.

I performed an analysis on the various software in GPI’s offering in order to create a library of the components and patterns that were already in use and should have fit within the new Design System. 

Using the Atomic Design methodology, we first redefined the individual components of the Design System, and then moved on to groups of elements to complete template pages.

During the creation process, I held weekly meetings with both the developers, so that we could assess the feasibility of our proposals in terms of time and technological limitations, and with the marketing department, so that we could discuss the brand fit of our proposals and the tone of communication.

Testing the design system

The test results largely confirmed ion the choices made by the project team, requiring only the modification of some components that were formally the same but required differences on different software. At this point we produced an official document complete with all analyzed components and page templates. We also included indication regarding icons, color palette and tone of communication; to provide designers with a comprehensive tool. In addition to this, helped by the developers, we produced a library of code snippets so that the developers also had a tool to make their work easier.


The team successfully built a Design System that enabled GPI group to deliver consistent digital experiences. The Design System reduced design and development time, allowing analysts and developers to focus on functionality and not on interface solutions.